Jennifer Chapman
Jennifer Chapman is an award-winning artist and creative designer whose beautiful artwork, murals and tromp l'oeil graces the homes of prominent collectors throughout the world. Among Jennifer's numerous celebrity clients are Richard Gere, Mel Gibson, Ed LaMotta, the Harrah's Estate, and Stonepine Estate. Jennifer Chapman's popular "Masterpiece Collection" of hand-painted pillows and shades have been featured in countless publications and are showcased in the books of best-selling author and designer Betty Lou Phillips, including "The French Connection," "French Expressions," "The French Room," and "Inspirations from France and Italy."

Jennifer apprenticed in the studio of her father, world renowned golf artist Loyal Chapman. She went on to study at the prestigious Minneapolis College of Art and Design of the celebrated Institute of Arts Museum, where Jennifer spent countless hours studying the works of the Great Masters. The Old World European influence has become an integral part of Chapman's signature style, and contributes greatly to the popularity of her work.

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"Maiden Mural" by Jennifer Chapman

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"English Vale" by Jennifer Chapman

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We are soon launching an exciting new line of wallpaper, along with an amazingly innovative line of appliqués. It will be very accessible and easy to have a full mural on your wall or ceiling - or self-framed panels that can literally go anywhere, as demonstrated by the before and after Steinway piano above. I'm also playing with the ability to allow my products to be ordered scaled to fit the individual desired space. Contact Jennifer for more information.

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"In 'French Impressions' as well as in 'Inspirations from France & Italy,’ Jennifer Chapman's original paintings on leather morphed into salon pillows pay homage to France and Italy with their magnificence. Adding further visual impact to a dining room in the latter is her exquisite oil painting of monks gathering in a monastery. Without question, I am delighted that her accomplishments wound their way into my design books. Indeed, befitting an admired artist, Jennifer Chapman channels historical references true to the period into her work."

~ Betty Lou Phillips, ASID Best-Selling Author